2011. augusztus 4., csütörtök

CakeCentral-ról, tortamániáról angolul

Találtam egy cuki verset - a CakeCentral.com-on - kis angol gyakorlásnak sem utolsó (aki nem angolos, attól most elnézést kérek - nem tudnám ilyen vicces-rímekben magyarra fordítani)!
Én jókat nevettem rajta - néhány sora, mintha csak rólam szólna!
Szívesen ajánlom nektek a CakeCentral-t, a fotógalériákban rengeteg torta van - én sok ötletet innen szedek.

Terms and Conditions

A cautionary tale by self-proclaimed
CakeCentral.com addict

Once upon a time, I needed ideas for a cake.
The order had just come in, but I didn't want to be late!
I searched and searched, all over my PC,
Not a cake to be found, that could meet this need.
I struggled and cursed, my head in a daze,
As I ended up in, the search page cake maze!
This cake and that cake, sites of all kinds.
Too many sites, I'm going to go blind!
Hours and hours, it took me to look.
I even ran to the library, to look through the books!
My time was running short, my cake would be late.
Instructions for a technique? Nope! This one I'd have to fake.

I was about to give up, I was stressed to the nine's.
No idea was I finding, but still this cake had to be on time!
When low and behold, what before my eyes did appear?
An interesting site, that none other it mirrored.
Oh what did I find? Could it be true?
But thousands of cakes, and great ideas too!
My head became clear, the daze went away,
And I registered my name, for I just had to stay!

Oh what a gold mine, for all decorators alike!
"Honey, would you take the kids, and put away my bike?"
"I might be here a while, on this site that I found,
Just a few decisions to make, hummmm, oval, square, or round?"
"Oh here's a great idea! No wait! I like this one better!
Oh my goodness, this cake looks like real leather!"
I stayed up all night. This information was too good!
There was even a cake, that totally resembled wood!

A few weeks had passed. Then, a month, and now two.
I missed my cake deadline, but MAN! Look at this shoe!!
I became obsessed, and my house was a mess,
But that didn't matter, because my next cake would be the best!
Day after day, my husband would come home,
"Where is your Mom? I couldn't reach her on the phone!"
"Where do you think Dad, she's back on that site."
"And look at my shirt! It used to be white!"

The house, still a mess. Again, the dog wasn't fed.
The kids were all starving, and no one to change their beds!
"Honey, did you go shopping today?" "No, but here's the list,
Would you pick up some ready made fondant? I've just GOT to try this!"
"Oh look! There's a contest! I've just got to enter a cake!
But which one to enter? Which cake to bake???"

One day my husband found me, again on the PC.
"This has got to stop! Please spend some time with me!"
Finally after a while, I realized what I had done.
I had forgotten about my home and family, but I was having way too much fun!
I am much better now. I've learned how to balance my life.
I can still hang with CakeCentral, and still be a good wife!
There was one thing I was sure of. One thing I always knew.
My family would always have cake, and get to eat it too!

So Thank You CakeCentral,
You're a great place to be!
Who could ask for more info?
And of course, it's all free!

Can you relate?



2 megjegyzés:

  1. Ez a versike tényleg nagyon ötletes, jópofa :D Szerintem párszor még végigolvasom majd. Még egy piskótát se sütöttem soha életemben, szóval szerintem sosem tévedtem volna erre az oldalra, úgyhogy köszönöm, hogy ide tetted :)

  2. Én már párszor végigolvastam, de még mindig jókat derülök! Néha kicsit én is így járok, órákra lecövekelek a CakeCentral mellett és keresem A tortaötletet! :)